Richardson Management Group (RMG) is positioned to improve and enhance your real estate investments, so as to maximize their short-term gains as well as long-term values.



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Consultation Services

RMG has the ability to design management services that can be carried out by your personnel. Many institutional investors and lenders may dictate that their management team be in-house. RMG will create compliable policies and procedures making a smooth transition and eliminate the pitfalls that happen without professional guidance.


Asset Management

RMG offers complete service where all routine maintenance is under one banner and we do all the work. You will be free to make the most of your business while we relive you of day to day problems. Unlike most companies, you can contact us anytime day or night for immediate assistance. And because of our buying power, we will do it for less. This service is an invaluable time and money saver for lending institutions and companies who either own or are responsible for the maintenance of their facilities.


Ability Training Education

When you work with RMG expertise minimizes the risk. All our personnel are highly trained and educated professionals. They are required to attend all the applicable Institute of Real Estate Management Courses. An ongoing educational program keeps them abreast of marketplace changes and discoveries. This makes for a winning combination for our clients who will always benefit from our knowledge.


Partial Cliental List

The Peddie School ♦ Edison Schools, Inc.

Millhill Child & Family Day Care Center

52 State Highway #33 Condominium Association

Cranbrook II ♦ Volusia Avenue Condominium Association


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